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Veliplane-Sofrec Spad
A 1980 hang glider with a 140 ° angle, shaped slats, double sail at 30%, a floating transverse and a sliding umbrella, the speed range is not very large. The finish is good, the assembly is fast although the umbrella sometimes tends to get stuck on the keel. For safety, Véliplane provided 4 booster cords.

The sail was later manufactured by EOLE2000 in its Salins-Les-Bains facility.
A Swordfish, version of the Spad without transverse, was abandoned.
Spad 140
Wing area: 17.6 m²
Wing span: 10.5 m
Aspect ratio: 6.3
Hang glider weight: 27 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 65 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 90 kg
Packed length: 5.6 m
Nose angle: 127°

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