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Pacific Kites Super Lancer
It was a very nice glider to foot launch. Sweet handling. The coolest thing was the way the glider set up. There was a slider connecting the crosstube to the keel. You simply pinned the base tube to the down tubes, stood the folded glider on its nose with the leading edges and the keel pointing straight up in the sky. You then just let the wings open up like an umbrella! One ball pin through the keel slider, stab the plastic flexible battens and you were ready for pre-flight.
It was intended to be used as a trainer, for which it was ideal.The Super Lancer was a floating monster.
It was always the highest glider on the ridge in ocean breeze lift. Like'd just lumber off the hill in that beast and levitate to the top of the line in no time: one pass, two, and you were looking down on everybody, even in the lightest of lift. Sometimes it was the only glider that could stay up. That was a time when gliders were valued for their ability to stay up in very light conditions, and handling wasn't as crucial.
Very suitable for static boat-tow launches, but nothing like today's gliders in performance...except in sink rate, which was remarkable.
The ribs were flat (plastic) that would form an airfoil after you got wind moving accross it so you HAD to run hard and land fast for that matter as it would just drop (if you let it) so you had to keep your speed up and come in fast.
Three models were available: 155, 180, and 200.

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