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Hiway Hang Gliders Vulcan
The 1979 Vulcan was designed to supercede the Super Scorpion. It is much like a Super Scorpion to look at but has a higher aspect ratio, much tighter sail and more double surface. Unlike other fourth generation machines, the Vulcan does not use preformed battens. Performance is not quite as good as the other machines of this generation, although min-sink is as good as its predecessor and the top speed much improved.
1979 Vulcan
Handling is very pleasant although there is a delay between pulling the bar in and the glider speeding up, this is probably due to the huge control frame. The size of the control frame also makes ground handling tricky but with any wind the glider is easily launched with the harness straps tight.


The 1980 Vulcan has high performance and especially penetration. The 128° nose angle, a hyper-tensioned trailing edge, a 30% lower leading edge sleeve and a highly worked sail give it a very high speed range. Molded umbrella folding, an original system of transverse link - leading edge and intelligent hooking of the cables below the nose make it simple and very fast assembly.
The Vulcan was the first hang glider that gained a C of A before release to the public. The high aspect rato and low twist wing gives good penetration for competition and coss-country. The cross boom is moved into the slower moving air closer to the sail reducing drag, as does the lack of deflexors. For de-rigging, a sliding centre box leaves the cross booms permanetly attached to the leading edges. A removable king post prevent tangled wires.
Very light on all axes, but what inertia! In fact this lightness was given artificially by trapezoidal uprights of 1,80m which facilitate efforts. Very good in thermal, but bad to shave the walls. The big model was so much surfaced that it supported the bi.
Unfortunately maneuverability has decreased considerably but the finishing is impeccable and the sail impeccable.


1979 Vulcan
Leading edge: 19 ft 8 in
Span: 34 ft 5 in
Nose angle: 180 deg
Aspect ratio: 8:1
Root chord: 9 ft 2 in
Sail area: 184 sq ft
Aspect ratio 6.45
Packed length: 20 ft
Knockdown length: 14 ft
Weight: 57 lb
Pilot weight range: 11.5-17 st
Strength rating: 1575 lb
Price: £640.00
1980 Vulcan
Wing area: 17.1 m²
Aspect ratio: 6.5
Hang glider weight: 26 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 70 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 100 kg
Packed length short: 3.9 m
Nose angle: 127°

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