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Hiway Hang Gliders Spectrum
The 1978 Spectrum (released same day as Superscorpion) is a sporty machine, complying with FAI Class 1 Competition regulations. Although an intermediate with a conservative 105 deg nose angle, it generates a lot of lift.The Spectrum's turning ability was second to none and 360's were self balancing. Pitch is light and very high speeds are attainable. It also has a low stall speed facilitating top landings in light winds.


Hiway decided to return to simplicity for a new range of gliders, with no wing wires. Hiway designed the airframe to fles in a particular way under flight loads, and then sew the sail to fit the shape exactly. The first of the range were 1) Super Scorpion, a cross-country hang glider. 2) Spectrum, intermediate glider. 3) Gemini, purpose designed two-place glider. 4) Harrier, primary and training glider.
The Spectrum complies with FAI Competition regulations as an Intermediate glider. Turns are self balancing and very high speeds are attainable, and it has a low stall speed.
The Spectrum was available in two sizes and could be rigged for seated or prone. A “B” bar accessory converts from prone to seated.
The Hiway Spectrum was regarded as easy to handle although it had a reputation for tip-stalling.
The Gemini two place glider is an enlarged and strengthened version of the Spectrum.
Wing span: 26 ft 10 in / 8.2 m
Wing area: 165 sq,ft / 15.3 sq.m
Aspect ratio: 4.45
Leading edge: 17 ft / 5.15 m
Keel length: 13 ft 3 in / 4 m
Nose angle: 105˚
Weight: 45 lb / 20 kg
Pilot weight: 50-76 kg
Packed length: 17 ft 3 in / 5.25 m
Knockdown length: 14 ft / 4.25 m
Leading edge: 18 ft 6 in / 8.66 m
Keel length: 15 ft / 4.5 m
Wing span: 29 ft 5 in / 9 m
Wing area: 193 sq,ft / 17.9 sq.m
Aspect ratio: 4.45
Nose angle: 105˚
Weight: 51 lb / 23 kg
Pilot weight: 57-90 kg
Packed length: 18 ft 10 in / 5.75 m
Knockdown length: 14 ft 3 in / 4.35 m

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