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Hiway Hang Gliders Excalibur
This Excalibur was Hiway's 1984 high performance glider-distinguished on British hills by being the only model in production at the time with elliptical tips. It was developed to give the best possible compromise between minimum sink rate and best glide angle, making it a natural cross country machine.
The glass fibre tips allow the sail greater movement in response to weightshift, producing nimble handling and an ability to shrug off turbulence. The Excalibur was produced in two sizes, 180 and 165 sq ft.
Wing area: 16.7 m²
Aspect ratio: 6.9
Hang glider weight: 32 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 70 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 115 kg
Minimum speed: 20 km/h
Maximum speed: 90 km/h
Max glide ratio: 10
Minimum sink rate: 0.9 m/s
Nose angle: 135°
Excalibur (medium)
Sail area: 165 sq ft
Leading edge: 16 ft 4 in+ fiber tips, 10 ft 8 in
Span: 34 ft 8 in
Nose angle: 140 deg

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