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Highster Highster
The Highster was built in Oakland Ca. by Mike Giles 1978. It was a 90% double surface glider with triple deflexers (wing truss wires). These wires where adjusted with out turnbuckles. They where adjusted by turning over the outer tangs which would tighten the winding of one cable and lossen the other. For increased strenth, the cross bar was inner sleeved with out pop rivets. Later versions had a floating cross bar. Highster used Manta hardware and was considered the flex wing side of Manta when Manta swithched over to making the Fledge. Highster was named after a fork lift because it was a "Heavy Lifter".
The most common size was 190 square feet. During peak demand for the Highster, some where manufactured in Sacramento, Ca.
It was easy to set up, with all the Manta hardware, good static balance, but a bit stiff to fly. The floating cross bar helped the handling. Glide was poor for a 90% double surface glider due to the triple set of wires out in front of the leading edge. The glider could be easliy spun and this was an accepted thermalling practice when the pilot was tired.

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