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Flight Sails NZ Shark
A 1981 hang glider for advanced pilots designed by Warren Bird with help from Bob Martin. The Shark was produced by Flight Sails NZ in New Zealand probably in 1982 and 1983. It had no keel pocket and the double surface was 90%, not sewn on the top surface. The keel was fully enclosed between both surfaces. The king post holds the keel which is not sewn into the top surface. The wing contained 30 battens.
Only a few were made and it was never fully developed. From the first production Shark they were gradually de-tuned from then on to try to improve the handling.
Distributed in England, it cost just over £1000 in 1982.
Performance was good but handling was not. Great in a straight line but really hard to turn. Sometimes it would turn and sometimes it wouldn't. Turning was improved by upper wing spoilers which also could be used for air brakes.
This was the first Delta to beat the Manta Fledgling when flown by Graeme Bird at the 1981 World Champs in Japan.
Reportedly the Shark made one awesome trike wing in the 80's. With a British Tri-pacer trike, 330cc motor, Graeme Henderson flew his across Foveaux Strait, New Zealand, in the first crossing by a microlight in 1981.





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