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Bautek Saphir
1983 Bautek had managed to design a glider that was both light to handle and stable. For that reason, even the A frame is smaller than on other wings, cause you don't need to move much underneath it.

A strong crossbar-less glider that was even used for aerobatics in its time. The front tube that extends beyond the glider nose is used to tension the wing but is also a good protection for the pilot.
This glider was incredibly manouverable, almost too easy.Figure 8s could be flown with just one hand on the bar.

In weak conditions or bumpy thermals it was easy to outclimb any other wing of that era.

At high speeds however yawing became a problem. Winch towing was almost impossible.

At takeoff, it was necessary to keep the nose up. All other bowsprit gliders had this tendency to drop the nose during takeoff run.
Saphir 17
Wing area: 16.45 m²
Wing span: 10.8 m
Double sail: 70%
Hang glider weight: 30 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 55 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 80 kg
Minimum speed: 30 km/h
Maximum speed: 80 km/h
Max glide ratio speed: 38 km/h
Packed length: 6.2 m
Number of battens top: 28
Number of battens below: 6
Nose angle: 127°

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