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Ozone Ultralite
Ozone Ultralite 2, 19m
The Ultralite has been the world’s lightest certified paraglider since 2006. The Ultralite is the ultimate mountain / travel wing.
Because the Ultralite is actually a full sized wing, launching and landing it is as safe and easy as in a normal paraglider, allowing you to use it with confidence in the most extreme conditions: at high altitude, in deep snow, or on the most difficult launches. Testing has shown that the Ultralite’s speed and glide is quite acceptable for the LTF 1-2 class, which means that many pilots will enjoy flying XC with this wing as well. Although it is a full sized wing in the air, the Ultralite’s extreme light weight and compact design folds into an almost pocket size, meaning that you can take it with you anywhere, anytime.
The material is just as strong, but being a true light-weight cloth it is not designed to be heavily abused. The 19 meter size is certified LTF 1-2.
Ozone Ultralight 19
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