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Sky Paragliders Anakis



Anakis, EN B and LTF 1 certified wing, is mostly to be used by novice pilots after their initial training course who seek safety and performance in a wing that is able resolve any troubles in the air.

In the EN B description range, this glider could be described as a low EN B level wing.

The main distinctive features are:
High safety level
Extremely easy take-off even in difficult conditions
Minimal sink rate and high gliding ratio
High acceleration using the speed system.
Predictable manoeuvres even in non standard flying regimes
Very low weight (4,6 kg in M size)
Material usage (distinctive material – skytex evolution – with a higher abrasion protection used on the leading edge to minimize the increasing values of porosity and a water repellent coating on the rest of the wing that minimizes ageing and degradation of the glider)
Suited for 90 to 100+ kg range.

Anakis is also suitable for MPG and PG flying. This glider can be delivered with risers with or without trimmers.



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