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The Ozone Bullet speedwing has easy launch and great progressive brake feel. A lighter, more packable material makes gathering the wing up after a flight much easier. Braided unsheathed lines are resistant to damage, easier to inspect, and less prone to tangles / knots. Line arrangement has resulted in a more balanced sail tension, with far better roll behaviour, and a new profile is more stable, and gives a more carving, lift-free feel, which makes it easier to stay near the terrain.

The easy launch is imperative for new speed-flyers, and the sometimes difficult launching conditions that can be experienced in the mountains (tailwind, crosswind, etc). Relatively slow speed take-off as the profile is high lift, allowing early take-off and excellent slower speed performance. The line configuration and sail tension help reduce in-flight glider flexing and accordion movements seen in other wings to a minimum.

The high lift profile and moderate sail tension allow the wing to be slowed down easily for soft, slow speed landings.

OzTech 30g/sm.m cloth has been tested from the Polar ice-caps to the Sahara desert and is the best material possible for Speed-Flying. Cousin Dyneema lines are water tolerant braided lines and are highly resistant to cutting by ski edges and can withstand heavy use in wet environments.


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