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Ozone Firefly


Ozone Firefly 1 - 16 Speedwing


The Firefly is a hybrid speed wing with performance, but stability that resembles lower aspect ratio speed-wings. The performance is glide performance and handling from the mini-wing category, but stability from the speed-flying category. The Firefly is equipped with an advanced profile which gives high pitch stability and excellent performance, and the low aspect ratio and thick chord adds protection for passive safety and stability. This wing is an excellent choice for pilots who want to experience the thrill of mini-wing piloting without the sacrifice in stability that is inherent in the higher aspect ratio designs which are common in the mini-wing category.






The Firefly 2 was to improve several key characteristics while still retaining the excellent stability and user friendliness of the FF1. Launch has been massively improved and is perfect in still wind and strong wing.

New rods for the leading edge and optimised shaping and new line reduction technologies give improvements in performance with no loss in passive safety.

At Ozone, their main priority for mini-wings and speed-wings is safety. Higher wing loading does not automatically mean higher stability, and they have taken great care to produce a smaller wing that, while fun to fly, still retains a level of passive safety that is suitable for paraglider pilots with beginner-intermediate skill levels and higher. They have taken their time to enter the mini-wing category, due to the desire to only release wings with what they consider to be this reasonable level of ease of use and stability.







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