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Ozone FLX 2 Acro


Designed by Dav Dagault with Felix Rodriguez and the Ozone Test Team, the FLX2 is the 2nd generation of competition acro wing. This wing is designed for experienced and competition acro pilots and high wind soaring.

The FLX2 results from a long line of prototypes tested over a period of more than two years. Designed by Dav Dagault with constant feedback from Rodriguez, the goal of the FLX2 is simple – maximum acro with maximum ease, comfort, and precision.

A reworked profile has created the compromise between dynamic pitch (for fast, safe tumbles), and predictable and comfortable behavior in other maneuvers. A partially closed Leading Edge contributes to greater stability while in helicopter and in the tip during all manoeuvres.
Overall, the FLX2 is easy in every manoeuvre, with less effort necessary to achieve the manoeuvres in the cleanest manner. And the FLX2 is durable with an extremely high strength internal construction and the best materials available.



Ozone FLX 2 Acro


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