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ITV Pil-Pit


ITV Pil-Pit 2 13


Each generation of Pil-Pit has been acclaimed as the best all-round Speed Riding wing. This Pil-Pit 2 13 combines the ease and safety of most 14's with the speed and accuracy and dynamic turns of most other 10's. The trimmer system gives a surprising increase in speed and dynamism. Pil-Pit innovates both in its original profile as its characteristics. With a trailing edge considerably more tense, the Pil-Pit 2 is moving towards even more speed and maneuverability. It sticks to the ground as requested by the pilot and an excellent resistance to turbulence.


ITV Pil-Pit 2 13


8 sq.m
9.5 sq.m
11 sq.m
13 sq.m


ITV Pil-Pit 2 13


The Pil-Pit 3 with released trims will easily play the gliding game, sticking to the slopes, totally accessible with impressive speeds while still keeping an important safety margin.

Trimmed-in, the wing is stable on the main axis, and quick to react in a playful way.

The foot and ski launchable wing is very maneuverable with exceptional collapse resistance,


ITV Pil-Pit 3 13m



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