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Seedwings Flugsport Space

The 2007 Seedwings Europe Space for Intermediate pilots is a curved tip 75% double surface glider with mylar leading edge and aerofoil uprights. Equipped with VG. It has 12 slats of extrados and 2 slats of intrados. 3 inner velcros keep the profile at high speeds.
Very easy handling. DHV rated almost like a training glider but with 80% double surface and VG.
Manufactured by Austrian company Seedwings Flugsport GmbH commonly known as Seedwings Europe, from 2007. Compared to the earlier versions of the Space the newer ones have been improved slightly. The VG system has an extra pulley to make pulling easier. And the sidewires have been shortened by approx. 1.5 centimeters to make the roll response easier / faster.
Wing very light and quickly mounted (6 slats on each side and 2 rods easy to put and C all) ... in terms of flight, take-off and posed are very easy (it poses at less than 25 km / h ). Towing at 25% VG it tows easily and keeps a straight line. It dampens bumps and is comfortable. In still air the sink rate is 1.2 meters at 0% VG. Just pulling 25% VG decreases this to 0.9 meters. At 0% VG the glider has relatively high bar pressure telling you that the glider wants to stabilize itself all the time. At just 25% VG this becomes significantly lighter and the glide improves. You can hear the stall of the glider. When the glider stalls you can hear the wing "buzzing". For the landing, no problem, the margin for the final push is very large.
The wing can have an unpleasant behavior at the bend turn with a tendency to dive and slip at too low speed. The manufacturer unveiled their explanation that this characteristic comes from the curved wingtip design: All glider with curved wing tips must steered different - instead of classical weight shifting "steering like a handlebar of a bicycle" must be performed.
The wing is indeed a bit slow at roll but nothing crazy. The wing is otherwise very easy to launch and land, very good building quality and great attention to detail.
Space 14
14.0 sq.m
Pilot Weight: 55-85 kg
Space 16
Wing area: 16 m²
Wing span: 10 m
Aspect ratio: 6.25
Hang glider weight: 24 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 70 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 100 kg
Maximum speed: 85 km/h
Number of battens: 14

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