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Wills Wings Spectrum



The 1991 Spectrum is an excellent wing easy to take off and fly. Good turning and behaves well at minimum drop rate in marginal condition. Its ability to penetrate is surprising.
Spectrum 144
Wing area: 13.37 m²
Wing span: 9.44 m
Aspect ratio: 7
Hang glider weight: 24 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 50 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 95 kg
Packed length: 5.5 m
Packed length short: 3.7 m
Number of battens: 19
Nose angle: 120°
Spectrum 165
Sail Area: 165 sq. ft / 15.32 m²
Wing span: 10.35 m
Aspect ratio: 7
Glider Weight: 61 lbs / 28 kg
Pilot Hook-in Weight: 140 - 240 lb / 63-108 kg
Packed length: 6 m
Packed length short: 3.9 m
Number of battens: 19
Nose angle: 121°
Skill Level: Novice
SS/DS: Double Surface
KP/TL: Kingpost
VG: No



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