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The 1987 Sport was for advanced pilots. The Sport 150 was regarded as easy to land, maybe a little tendency to accellerate when the lift arrives, but could be gentle on flat take off with little wind, if not expected. An excellent wing to progress after a single surface or a pleasure wing for less ambitious. The Sport AT 167 is the same wing except improved fittings.
The 2004 Sport 2 for intermediate pilots has almost the same sail form as the Eagle except for the curved tips. It has aerofoil uprights and speed bar. All this with a VG make the Sport 2 more performant than the Eagle, and lighter in roll. The glider lands best in nil wind with about a quarter to one third vg and lands beautifully. A great glider to progress to from the single surface sky floaters.
The Sport 2 is a very stable glider with easy and predictable flight characteristics. It tows extremely well and is stable to winching. Landing is almost too easy. Very responsive glider, it gives plenty of feedback so the different phases of the landing procedure are very obvious.
Sport 2

From the 3 available hanging points of the Sport 2 155 it was supposed to use the one in the middle. However, hanging in the middle the aerotowing was with a lot of yaw, the trim speed was 42km/h, quite more than the 30-32 kphthat should be, the landing quite fast. After moving the hang loop to the rear point everything became perfect. No yawing on aerotow, 32 kph on trim, stable and straight forward, and beautiful landing. So, take care of the hanging point.
The 1986 Sport American was built in three models: 143, 153, and 163.
Sport AT
The 1986 Sport AT trapeze mounting was a bit primitive compared to the normal Sport.
Sport 167
Wing area: 15.50 m²
Wing span: 10.20 m
Aspect ratio: 6.7
Hang glider weight: 30 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 57 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 95 kg
Minimum speed: 28 km/h
Maximum speed: 85 km/h
Max glide ratio (L/H): 9.1
Max glide ratio speed: 34 km/h
Minimum sink rate: 0.96 m/s
Packed length: 4.85 m
Number of battens: 22
Nose angle: 124°
Sport 2 135
Wing area: 12.5 m²
Wing span: 8.9 m
Aspect ratio: 6.4
Hang glider weight: 24 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 59 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 73 kg
Minimum speed: 30 km/h
Maximum speed: 85 km/h
Packed length: 4 m
Packed length short: 3.4 m
Sport 2 155
Wing area: 14.4 m² / 155 sq. ft
Wing span: 9.6 m
Aspect ratio: 6.4
Hang glider weight: 27 kg / 59 lb
Minimum pilot weight: 70 kg / 150 lb
Maximum pilot weight: 97 kg / 250 lb
Minimum speed: 30 km/h
Maximum speed: 85 km/h
Max glide ratio: 12/1 at 51 Kph
Packed length: 5.1 m
Packed length short: 3.7 m
Skill Level: Intermediate
SS/DS: Double Surface
KP/TL: Kingpost
VG: Yes
Sport 2 175
Sail Area: 175 sq. ft
Glider Weight: 70 lb
Pilot Hook-in Weight: 175 - 255 lb
Skill Level: Intermediate
SS/DS: Double Surface
KP/TL: Kingpost
VG: Yes
Sport AT 150
Wing area: 14 m²
Wing span: 9.5 m
Aspect ratio: 6.3
Minimum pilot weight: 50 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 70 kg
Nose angle: 124°
Sport AT 167
Wing area: 15.3 m²
Wing span: 10.3 m
Aspect ratio: 6.8
Minimum pilot weight: 60 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 90 kg
Nose angle: 124°



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