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Skye I

A floater hang glider circa 1998 which could be flown supine or prone. The Skye was manufactured at the Seedwings Europe factory.


The Skye was taken over by Airwave when the Villiger company closed.


Wing area: 18.3 sq.m
Pilot weight: 70-125 kg
Wing span: 5.4 m
Nose Angle: 120 deg
Aspect ratio: 9.95
Price (1998) 6500 DM


Skye 193
Wing area: 18.3 m²
Wing span: 9.95 m
Aspect ratio: 5.4
Hang glider weight: 22 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 70 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 125 kg
Packed length: 6 m
Packed length short: 3.8 m
Nose angle: 120°


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