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Fides 2 Evo

Fides 2 Evo is the successor of Fides 2. Fides 2 Evo and was redesigned incorporating new, state of art materials and the whole glider was certified according to EN 926 certification procedures.

Even though Fides 2 Evo introduces a whole series of improvements (new wingtip, new material, new certification, new risers) it is called an evolution (therefore evo) and not a new generation of glider (which would make it FIDES 3). During the development the team, led by Alexandre Paux of Switzerland, managed to reach performance attributes that is confirmed by the new EN certification methods. It's certified EN B.

The glider is well suited for use by professional schools (thanks to the new generation of SKYTEX used on the leading edge) and occasional pilots who enjoy maximum passive safety when coring thermals.

The main distinctive performance features are:
* High speed range (22–45 km/h)
* High stability with minimal front and side collapses
* If collapsed, the reopening is very smooth
* Easy take-off with no overshooting tendency
* Minimum pitching tendency even when regenerating from massive collapses
* Very stable in rough air
* Nice entering into the thermals with no losses due to the roll instability
* Optimized for ground handling
* High efficiency when thermalling
* Very low weight – only 4,8 kg (for the M size)
* New materials used



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