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U-Turn Obsession


The Obsession paraglider is from designer Ernst Strobl, with an aspect ratio of 5.55. The DHV 1-2 Obsession has the automatic flight stabilization system (AFS). The dynamic basic design of the glider canopy allows room for an increase in the AFS effectivity without the danger of losing enjoyment or performance potential. The wing area upon which the AFS system is effective has been increased by 20% in comparison to the Infinity II. This increase in the effectivity and further enhanced stability in turbulent conditions is successfully realized without degrading the fine tuned reactivity of the system.
Price 2009: US$3,700.00

The Obsession is situated between DHV 1-2 and DHV 2. It defines the cross-over point between maximum performance and the security level of DHV 1-2. The fantastic glide ratio, available even at full speed, is one of the significant properties of the glider. The obsession possesses the typical U-Turn long accelerator travel for exact control and high final speed. In addition the agility and manoeverability are second to none. All of the know-how from the development of the Acro-reference G-Force 360 has been applied to the very dynamic and direct handling of the Obsession. Very flat yet confined thermalling is the gliders trademark and the Obsession's turning sink rate is extremely low.

The Obsession has a large number of upper cascade lines. The upper cascades are 40cm long, extremely thin 0.6mm Liros lines. This causes a better distribution of the forces across the paraglider canopy and a reduction of the single force per line and connection point. Ernst Stroble explains, "This higher count of topmost lines costs some slight performance reduction because of their air resistance, nevertheless by their employment I was able to construct the wing to have significantly higher performance with the same good resistance to collapse, so that these losses are more than overcompensated. Because of this design feature the OBSESSION is particularly resistant to collapses. Should a dangerous situation arise and the large secure performance region be exceeded then the canopy will give a corresponding feedback beforehand.

Strobl decided to use the glider fabric for the series production which had been tested so convincingly during the Trans Speed Europe by Mad Mike Küng at highest stress rates. It was clear after exhausting tests with several prototypes of different sizes: "An even lighter material did not show improvements neither during start, flying or landing" Strobl says. The selected material from Porcher Marine offers superior UV-resistance and overall mechanical stress resistance. In order to ensure the longevity of the paraglider and its second-hand value, not to mention the easy start behaviour, the Obsession also has the Mylar Fix System, which is implemented in the Infnity II and which has been universally applauded. Any unwanted creasing of the leading edges is prevented with a fixing loop system the paraglider stays in form and keeps within the original performance criteria.

The Obsession is not intended for beginners and it is not suitable for learning/beginners training purposes.

The Obsession was available in the sizes S (65-90 kg to be confirmed during the DHV-tests), M (80-110 kg) and L (100-130 kg). The characteristic U-Turn motif has been restyled and this gives the paraglider a very sporty, dynamic appearance.



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