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Kantega 2

The UP Kantega, "a performing intermediate in the DHV 1-2 range", in between the Makalu and the Summit 2, is in UP's ‘Fun&Easy' Category and designed for “stress-free flying”. Keeping the spirit of the first Kantega, this glider has benefited from technical features introduced in UP's high performance gliders, such as the brake line attachment system along the trailing edge. The variable trailing edge tension provided by the system translates into “precise, crisp handling, improved glide performance and increased safety” according to the manufacturer. This way, the Kantega 2 offers the safety of the DHV 1-2 class but with a “pro” feel, and the performance of higher-rated gliders. UP paid special attention to the look of their new intermediate model: “Elongated, smoothly curved dihedral shape, swept-back tips and the new UP look where the graphic design underlines the sporty outline”. Trim speed is announced at 36-37 km/h, top speed at +50km/h “with high collapse resistance”. Other features include a new load bearing tape along the A-line attachment points; new riser system for improved glide at speed; and new, thinner Dyneema lines from Cousin for longevity, reduced drag and higher performance. The Kantega 2 ws available in 5 sizes, and you can customize the glider colors to your own preferences.



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