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UP Europe / UP Delta Summit

Summit 2

The DHV 2 category replacement for the Blues is the Summit 2 featuring the “Honeycomb-V-Tape System“ introduced by the company with last year’s perfo model, Trango. The system uses additional tapes that runs parallel to the top and bottom surface in combination with the V-tape system, “forming a stable construction similar to the honeycomb buildings of bees”, and was modified especially for the UP Summit 2 to be used in connection with a new line geometry.

UP specifies: It has line attachment points on every third cell to lower drag (only 152 lines); 63 cells taper off in size towards the tip and create a homogeneous geometry with an aspect ratio of 5.3; the risers are taken directly from the proven UP competition risers and provide a high speed range.
The UP Summit 2 is aimed at experienced pilots "who above all want to appreciate a perfect handling", says the company.


Summit 3

Swept-back wingtips and thin 12mm risers are the distinctive characteristics of the Summit 3. Designed for “going far, going fast” according to UP, the goal was “to retain or even improve the easy, forgiving flight characteristics of the predecessor whilst using all the new knowledge gleaned from the UP Targa 2 and the UP Trango 2 development process”. The Summit 3 incorporates the Variable Tension System on the trailing edge used in UP’s comp gliders, and the leading edge has been refined even further to reduce wrinkles, increase spanwise tension and “allow safe flying at lower angles of incidence”. It has ultra thin Dyneema lines from Cousin for more longevity, lower drag and more performance. The manufacturer’s data quote trim speed at 37 k/h, top speed at 52 k/h with “amazing stability across the entire range”, and low stall speed for “improved climbing abilities”. It also has higher directional stability, longer brake travel and a more “inherently stable” canopy. At UP say that the Summit 3 offers the “sweetest handling” ever achieved in any of their gliders. The Summit 3 was available in 4 sizes, including a new SM size.

Summit 2 M

Summit 3



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