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Targa 3

The Targa 3 is aimed at competition and high level pilots. UP incorporated a number of innovations and technical features in it to obtain a race machine that’s “more docile to fly than its already impressive predecessor, which translates into easy, stress-free flying regardless of the conditions”, according to them. A replacement for the Gambit C, it is claimed to reach more than 60 k/h, with a leading edge closed an additional 30%.

One new feature is the “Brake Tension System” (BTS), which gives variable trailing edge tension and it helps refine the handling, improves the feedback through the brakes and makes the wing respond better to brake line input. Another Targa 3 feature is the new trimmer system with two trim options; one to adjust pitch and one to improve glide at very high speeds. The pilot adjusts these two systems for the type of flying he prefers: Slow and flat intermediate style or fast and dynamic with lots of roll. The risers are a new development focused on improving glide at very high speeds. When the speed bar is applied, a system of pulleys and lines change the angle of incidence without disrupting the profile. In flight, these features translate into a trim speed from 37 to 43km/h (variable through the new riser system); “useable” top speed well above 60km/h; very easy inflation / launching; variable A-line tension for either extra speed or extra stability; BTS variable trailing edge tension system for “the best handling and safety ever” in a comp wing; Predictable and easy collapse characteristics with no tendency to cravatte, and a very clearly defined stall point; extremely stable canopy through the use of the latest CAD software; super light speedbar travel for easy high-speed gliding and unbelievable glide ratio; and precise, easy handling. The Targa 3 was available in 9 sizes and a wide choice of colors.



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