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Swing Europe Savage


Swing has developed the Savage speed glider introduced in late 2007. The Savage has very good launch behaviour for all types of launch. There is no tendency for it to twist or hang back as it launches. The large range of glide ratio achievable and the increase in 'dive' and 'speed' (which can be altered using the trimmers and brakes to suit the pilot's level of ability) guarantee fun with this glider.

The extremely stable and well-behaved canopy does not create any concertina movement due to internal pressure shifts even at high speed or when turning. It holds its path and there is no difficulty with the canopy rolling. Swing has used only high-quality materials for this unique concept. Sorting the lines is also very easy thanks to the excellent choice of materials. Accurate steering using the brakes even allows you to 'dive' using this glider. A true contour flight using the brakes is no problem.

Energy from speed is converted perfectly into lift, allowing pilots to climb almost vertically if confronted with obstacles or if dangerous situations arise. The Savage is unbelievably easy to flare and exhibits the best possible landing characteristics.

The Savage was available in three sizes: 13 = beginner, 12 = advanced, 10 = expert.

Swing Savage 10

Classification: expert
Color: grey
No. of cells: 17
Area flat: 10 sq.m
Area projected: 8,80 sq.m     
Span flat: 5,62 m     
Span projected: 4,65 m
Aspect ratio: 3,16
Aspect ratio projected: 2,45

Swing Savage 12
Classification: advanced
Color: blue
No. of cells: 17
Area flat: 11,5 sq.m
Area projected: 10,11 sq.m
Span flat: 6,02 m
Span projected: 4,95 m
Aspect ratio: 3,16
Aspect ratio projected: 2,45

Swing Savage 13

Classification: beginner
Color: green
No. of cells: 17
Area flat: 13 sq.m
Area projected: 11,42 sq.m
Span flat: 6,42 m
Span projected: 5,28 m
Aspect ratio: 3,16
Aspect ratio projected: 2,45



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