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Swing Europe 3 D


With the 3D Free-Style, Swing introduced a fun glider at only 22sq.m. The small surface area not only ensures relaxed flying in areas with strong wind thanks to its large speed range (up to 65km/h), but still also allows good and dynamic thermalling. All of the usual acro manoeuvres can be flown smoothly and energetically.

The glider passed the load test with 147kg at 8g. Further authorisations with the DHV or CEN were not called for. The 3D displayed very straightforward and standard behaviour during our tests.

Manoeuvres include:
1. Full stall
2. SAT
3. asymetric SAT
4. rhythmic SAT
5. Spiral
6. asymm. Spiral
7. Looping
8. Wingover
9. Mac Twist
10. Helicopter

Infinity tumbling not possible (due to glider size)

Swing 3D Freestyle 3D.22
No. of cells: 50
Area flat: 22 sq.m  
Area projected: 19 sq.m
Span flat: 11,2 m
Span projected: 9,1 m
Aspect ratio: 5,78
Aspect ratio projected: 4,35
Trim speed approx: 41 km/h
Max. speed approx: >50 km/h



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