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Southdown Sailwings Lightning


The 1980 Lightning was a new double surface glider from Southdown Sailwings, with superior sink rate, glide and penetration, plus high stability and superb handling. It could be distinguished from other clones of the Comet by its shark fin which stretches from king post to trailing edge. The Lightning came in two sizes, L 170 and L 195 to cover pilot weight ranges from 9-15 st. The recommended change over weight was 11 st.


Southdown Sailwing Lightning 190 Wing and Stainless Steel Trike (Courtesy Job Chithalan)


The 1981 Lightning double surface wing hang glider was recognizable for its aileron. The finishing touch not too great and mounting the wing a bit long.


Southdown Sailwings Lightning 190




Lightning 195
Sail area: 195 sq ft
Nose angle: 130 deg
Span: 32 ft
Aspect ratio: 6.3
Weight: 60 lb


Lightning DS


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