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Sol Hoops


A dedicated glider for "Freestyle" and aerobatics, the Hoops is aimed at pilots experienced in maneuvers who will know how to use its agility. The aspect ratio is 5,81; with 54 cells and an area of only 18,55 square meters.

The sail is made of Gelvenor cloth (49 g/sq.m), with profiles of Porcher Marine 9092, and Cousin dyneema lines. Other construction features include diagonal V-tabs to reduce lines and weight, Mylar/Carbon reinforcement, and a clean layout.

The result is a glider with high inner pressure, showing strong reactions in extreme maneuvers and offering direct and sensitive piloting. It has a short and precise brake “which allows little use of the brake during the flight”, say at Sol. The Hoops is a fast machine that can reach a top speed of 68 k/h, and a minimum speed of 30 k/h, according to the manufacturer.

Like all Sol gliders, the Hoops is covered by a 3-years/300-hours warranty. It is available in one size to suit pilots of 70 to 100 kg. Hoops is a non certified glider.



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