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Skywalk Cayenne


The Cayenne was developed after a research process at the Daimler Chrysler Aerodynamic Test Centre, which included video studies with micro-cameras attached to the flying canopy, in the wind tunnels. The profile MP12 used was directly refined from these studies, and it is claimed to offer "high performance and exceptional safety". Other features include partially closed cells; reinforcements along the leading edge; diagonal reinforcement connectors and Fingerrib-Construction throughout the canopy (for stability); an original fabric for the sail (water repellent, light-weight, high UV-resistance, according to Skywalk); and a velcro outlet with air-tube for easy emptying of debris. "Manoeuvrability and performance are the ingredients of this high-end intermediate", say the creators of this spicy glider, who also remark its "exceptional" handling and "an uninhibited max fun at max safety". It was to be available in 4 sizes, from XS to L, when certification of the XS and L sizes was finished.

The new DHV 2 model created a good impression in the last Bregenzerwald Cup (that has replaced the Stubai Cup) in Austria.

Skywalk has completed certification for all 4 sizes of their new DHV 2 glider, Cayenne. The range covers lightweight pilots and big ones as well, starting with a take-off weight of 60 kg (XS) up to 130 kg (L).


According to Skywalk, the glider has a sensitive handling "combined with very good performance and well balanced safety characteristics" which make it for "an enormous flying fun".



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