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Skyhook Sunspot

The 1977 Sunspot features a fully battened and cambered sail. The airfoil section is maintained at the rear by a shaped keel pocket. The control frame can be split and folded without removing parts, giving maximum strength and eliminating the risk of failure. Quick detachable cross tube ends allow the wings to be folded in without tools or unfastening screws or wing nuts. There is a detachable nose pin for bottom wires and an overcentre tensioner for top rigging wires. The Sunspot was offered in two sizes for optimum pilot weights: 145 lbs and 180 lbs.
It is possible to distinguish between early Sunspots and later examples by the shape of a reinforcing patch at the centre of the trailing edge. Early Sunspots have a rectangular reinforcing strip whilst later models have a triangular one.
Sunspot (large)
Leading edge: 21 ft 9 in
Span: 34 ft 10 in
Root chord: 10 ft 9 in
Keel: 13 ft 10 in
Sail area: 215 sq ft.




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