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Sky Brontes

Sky Brontes 2 (Afnor Performance)

Four years after the first of the Brontes, the Czech manufacturer have a replacement for their most popular glider. Aimed at intermediate to advance pilots who love distance flying, the Brontes 2 offers “maximum passive safety that lets the pilots use the performance limits with no fear of trouble”, according to Sky.

The wing introduces a new profile, different shape and wingtips, a new more efficient speed system, lighter ribs concept (the glider is around 650 gr lighter than the old Brontes) and a leading edge that uses “new technologies”.

In the air, this sport glider is said to be very stable and easy to handle in thermals “and almost intuitive coring”, with a comfortable and precise handling. The Brontes 2 also offers improvements in the speed range, with a “remarkable” top speed and better glide performance. Like the first one, the Brontes 2 is suitable for paramotoring for high performance and competition pilots, as it is rated Afnor Performance. It was available in 4 sizes and 5 color schemes.



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