Rotor Hawk Falcon


Both Falcon and Falcon II are accommodating to most aircraft engines, including Subaru, Rotax and Hirth, and both cruise at 60 to 70 mph with a top speed of 95 mph. But two passengers can ride side-by-side in the Falcon II while the Falcon only has room for one. Both are available with or without enclosure.

Falcon kit (without engine, propeller, rotor blades, instrument and seat tank) 2001: $3995
Falcon II kit (without engine) 2002: $11,950, but may cost less, depending on option choices.

The airframe is aluminium bolted together. Engine options include 70 hp Subaru, Rotax or VW. Rotor blades: 22-28’, 8 1/8” aluminium bonded and riveted.

Complete kit available as well as individual components and modification kits for upgrading Bensen-type machines to the Falcon configuration. Features main gear suspension using standard 2 x 2 Bensen axle tube. Full enclosure available. Kit contains everything less engine, prop, rotor blades, instruments and seat tank. Info pack: $3.00 Kit: $3,995 in 2009.

Engines :Subaru, Rotax, VW, or Hirth
Rotor Blades:RotorHawk 26' diameter,8-1/8" chord aluminum bonded and riveted.
Min Speed 20 mph
Cruise 60-70 mph
Top Speed 95 mph
Empty Weight 475 lbs
Useful Load 300 lbs
Gross Weight 775 lbs
Width 6'8"
Height 8'2"
Length 9'
Seats 2