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Merlin Autogyros Merlin GTS


This single seat Autogyro was designed, built and tested by Jim Montgomerie, and is the result of continuous research and development over a 20 year period.

Based on the “Kit Build” airframe, it is constructed from aluminium alloy rectangular hollow section tubes. These tubes have been pre-drilled at Crosshill, and are fastened together with aircraft type approved fixings by either direct throughbolting, or in some cases braces with fillet plates which have been pre-drilled and cut to size with CAD laser technology and precision. The Merlin pilot enclosure will accommodate a pilot over 6 feet tall and is manufactured at Crosshill from polyester resin strengthened with E-glass and a Kevlar fibre reinforcing matrix.

The new developments that have been tried and tested on various aircraft over recent years, most done on the two seat autogyro G-BRFW. The Merlin comes with fully sprung and dampened main wheel suspension to reduce fatigue, and reduce the take-off run.

A modification to the Merlin is the alteration of the propeller thrust in relation to the centre of mass of the aircraft. The lowered thrust line passes directly through the centre of mass (depending on pilot weight and fuel load) of the aircraft to reduce the risk of a powered push over in the event of pilot mishandling.

This thrust line has been achieved by raising the engine further up the mast and turning the gearbox around to the down position with the propeller clearance maintained by incorporating a stepped joint in the keel tube.

Some minor modifications had also to be made to the nacelle to accommodate this new engine position with the exhaust passing through the nacelle to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

The Fuel Tanks are factory fitted behind the seat bulkhead area. The overall width to the outside of the Main wheel covers is 5’ l0” (1.800m) the height from floor to the highest point of the Gimbal Head is 7’5” (2.250m) and the overall length from nose to tail is 11 ‘6” (3.500m). Empty weight depends on the final specification and extras but the average is around 320lbs (145kg), which gives a useful payload of approx 3301bs (150kg) for pilot and fuel. Fuel capacity is approx 11 gal. (50ltr).

The original Merlin design holds the following endurance records:
1)   First Autogyro to fly from Scotland to Ireland.
2)   First Autogyro to fly from Ireland to Isle of Man.
3)   First Autogyro to fly from Isle of Man to Mainland Britain.
4)   First Autogyro to fly to all 5 Countries of the British Isle.
(Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales & Isle of Man) in one day.

Take off distance: 150ft (55m)
Landing distance: 0 to 65ft (0-20m)
Rate of climb: Over 900ft per min (275mpm).
VNE: 90mph.
Cruise: 75mph on 20 ltr. per hr.


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