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Magni MT-7




In 1980 Vittorio Magni of Italy had designed a new, two-seat autogyro with a 150 hp Lycoming engine. The machine got the project name MT-7 (Magni-Tervamaki). Vittorio later redesignated the machine as VPM S-2.

The calculations and general design blueprints were delivered to Vittorio, who was responsible for all the detail design. He also built the machine together with his son. The machine was completed in 1985, and it also flew well.

Some years later the machine was lost in an accident in France. The control rods had been bent in road transport by a truck.

Magni continued the development of autogyros and has designed a series of gyros which all seem to have the rotor head and blade design of JT-5 and MT-7.






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