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Little Wing Autogyros LW-5


After the LW-3, the next logical step was to develop a two-place version. The prototype, based on the LW-2 and LW-3 single-place models, is a shortened version of all models. The original fuselage was designed for using an elevator for longitudinal control and, therefore, was built longer to provide ample control power at all flight speeds. With the direct (full tilting head) control, the full length fuselage isn't required and the shorter version will be much less likely to receive damage to the tail from a rotor blade during ground operation. The horizontal tail area has been increased accordingly. Plans were available for this version. The prototype two-place, short-version, has been test flown and should be in a cosmetically completed state by early fall, 2000. It features a Rotax 914 turbo-charged engine of 115 hp. It is very smooth and very quiet.

Main Rotor: 23 to 27 feet
Blade Chord: 7 inches
Length Overall: (rotor turning) 23-27 feet
Length of Aircraft without Rotor installed: 18 feet (16 feet, short-versions)
Wheel Track: 7 feet
Wheel Base: 13 feet - (11.5 feet, short-versions)
Landing Gear: Conventional (tailgear)
Overall Height: 8.5 feet
Cabin Width: 26 inches
Cabin Height: 42 inches
Cabin Length: 75 inches (2-place)
Baggage: Small shelf aft seat(s) 10 lbs. max.
Rotor Disc Area: 415 Sq. feet (23 ft.) / 573 Sq. feet (27 ft.)
Disc Loading (@ gross wt.): 1.9 lb./sq.ft., 2-place (27 ft.)
Tailplane Area:
Vertical Fin: 4.52 Sq. feet
Tip Shields: (2) 1.59 Sq. feet each
Rudder: 3.3 Sq. feet
Rotor/horizontal tail volume ratio: 22% for long frame / 14.9% for short frame.
Empty Weight: (Two-Place) 451 lbs. w/ Hirth F-30 (two-stroke powered) / 520 lbs. w/ Rotax 914 (four-stroke powered)
Gross Weight: 1100 lbs. 2-Place.
Fuel Capacity: 13.5 US gal. (2-place)
Cruise Speed: 65 - 75 mph
Minimum Speed: 15 - 20 mph
Landing Speed: 10 - 15 mph
Takeoff distance: 100-750 ft
Landing Roll: 0-25 ft.
Rate of Climb: Varies with powerplant, density altitude and weight.
Two-Place seating: Tandem, solo from rear seat w/ fully dual controls.
Construction: Welded SAE 4130 steel tubing, Dacron fabric covering.



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