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Oslist Microgiro
Francois Oslist designed and built a small autogiro, he called Microgiro, in 1964.
Rotor blades are formed from solid spruce, with an aluminium hub. The fuselage is steel tube with an aluminium skin. The tail is also tubular steel but with fabric cover.
Engine: McCulloch, 72 hp
Rotor diameter: 20.6 ft
Rotor chord: 7.8 in
Fuselage length: 10.66 ft
Hieght: 6.3 ft
Landing gear tread: 54 in
Landing gear track: 65 in
Main wheel diameter: 9.5 in
Nosewheel diameter: 6 in
Empty weight: 330 lb
MTOW: 550 lb
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