Sport Copter Vortex


A single-seat partially enclosed autogyro, Sport Copter’s composite seats conform to the pilot’s shape, including the head, provide comfort as well as crucial support. Independent toe-operated hydraulic disc brakes are standard on all models. Its unique nose-wheel suspension operates independently from the rudder to make for smooth takeoffs and landings in crosswinds. Vortex reaches 100 mph with a 67-hp engine and has seating for one with a useful load of 460 pounds. Kits for the Vortex in 2001: US$20,400

Standard: semi-enclosure, folding rotor mast, pre-rotator, independent hydraulic disc brakes, new rotor head and roto-control Cyber Seat, nosewheel and main gear suspension.

Engine: Rotax 582, 67 hp
Rotor Blades: 25' Sport Rotors
Height: 8.3 ft
Length: 12 ft
Disk span: 25 ft
Disk area: 490.8 sq.ft
Width: 7'4"
Empty wt: 350 lbs
Gross wt: 760 lbs
Fuel cap: 10 USG
Max speed: 100 mph
Cruise speed: 80 mph
Range: 170 sm
ROC: 1200 fpm
Take-off dist: 50 ft
Landing dist: 0-10 ft
Service ceiling: 13,000 ft
Seats: 1