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Aereon III
Built by Aereon Corp of Trenton, NJ, in 1964, the rigid lighter-than-air Aereon III is a flying test bed for bigger ships. It is the smallest that could be constructed to provide accurate flight data.


The Solar 70 hp Titan turboshaft engine drives a s1 ft diameter, 8 in chord Helicom rotor-prop. The syructure is welded aluminium alloys with an outer covering of Tedlar plastic 1/1000 inch thick. Airspace on 1 inch separates that from nylon covered inner wall. Eighteen Mylar cells hold 30,000 cu.ft of helium.
The cockpit, crew of two, is in the upper section of the centre hull nose. Vertical stabilisers and rudders mount steerable tailwheels acting as vertical struts and providing 35 ft tread for maximum ground stability.
The hulls are 20-sided, 18 ft diameter, joined by beams and aerodynamic fillets. Rotor-prop provides variable and reverse movement and thrust through cyclic/collective pitch.
Engine: Solar 70 hp Titan
Length: 85 ft
Width: 56 ft
Empty weight: 2800 lb
Gross weight: 3100 lb
Top speed: 65 mph
Ceiling: 8500 ft
Crew: 2
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