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Lebaudy Russie / Lebedj
In 1909 Lebaudy produced two other vessels patterned after the République. The Russie and La Liberté, built respectively for Russia and France. The fourth designed dirigible, the Russie made her first voyage on May 29th, ascending 600 feet with eight passengers, and manoeuvring under perfect control. After her official trial, in June, she was sent to St. Petersburg, being the first dirigible furnished to a foreign government by a private concern.
This dirigible was originally known as La Russie, and later renamed by the Russians as Lebedj, and was supposed to be an exact copy of the République.
Featuring a single Panhard-Levassor motor, twin propellers capable of 70 horsepower, the Lebedj dirigible had a volume of 3,800 cubic meters, and could achieve a speed of 49 kph.
Length: 61.2 m
Beam: 10.9 m
Volume: 3,800
Engine: 1 x Panhard-Levassor, 70 hp
Props: 2
Ballonet: 900 m
Speed: 49 km/h
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