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 Lebaudy Le Jaune / The Yellow
The company's first airship, simply known as the Lebaudy, and dubbed by the French public "Le Jaune" ("The Yellow (One)") because of the yellow colour of the lead chromate paint on its cloth exterior, was considered the most successful airship then in operation.
The Lebaudy Le Jaune ('The Yellow') dirigible was in the enormous Halles des Machines in Paris on 20 November 1903 in preparation for a flight over Paris. The flight got enormous publicity and a series of 30 (!) photographs / postcards were published to commemorate the event.


The Halle des Machines or Galerie des Machines was built specially for the Exposition Universelle in Paris of 1889. The Galerie des Machines had a span of 115 metres (377 ft) and height of 45 metres (148 ft). The whole building was demolished in 1910.
It had a 35 hp Daimler Mercedes engine driving two propellers. The ship was further improved on several trips, including one of 2 hours and 46 minutes. These activities continued in the following years, with the ship being rebuilt several times after crash landings in trees.
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