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Glidden and Stevens Boston
On 19 June 1908 the balloon Boston made its initial flight, landing shortly after 7pm on a mountain between Putney, VT., and Dammerston, VT., near the Vermont-New Hampshire boundary line.
The start of the trip was made a little after 4pm. In order to avoid electric light wires, it was necessary to unload about 60 lb of ballast just after starting.
The thermometer registered 103 degrees in the sun, and the wind blew in puffs, at a varying rate of from 25 to 40 mph. The puffs of wind and changing directions of the various air currents encountered frequently caused the balloon to revolve. The highest elevation reached was 6100 ft.
While passing over the northeast Brattleboro, VT., the gas bag was struck by two rifle bullets. The bullets glanced off without penetrating the silk covering but the course of the bullets was indicated plainly by two dark coloured streaks across the silken covering.
The landing was made in a pasture on top of a mountain 2000 ft high, and the descent was from an elevation of more than 2000 ft.
Charles J. Glidden of Boston, owner of the balloon, and Leo Stevens had an exciting trip. In addition to being the target for rifle bullets during the flight, Glidden and Stevens landed in a pasture where a young bull was confined. The animal charged the aeronauts after they had stepped from the basket and they were forced to run and scramble over a barbed wire fence. Both aeronauts stated that all things considered, it was the most thrilling balloon trip either of them had undertaken.
The pair made the farmhouse of W.W.Burnett just before midnight. The next day preparing to ship the balloon to Steven’s factory for repairs.
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