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Mosment 1806 balloon
Frenchman M. Mosment did not use the customary basket on his balloon, but stood on a flat platform. He made his last ascent at Lille on 7th April, 1806. About ten minutes after takeoff a small parachute, containing some animal, was observed to be launched from the car; immediately afterwards an object which was soon ascertained to be the flag of the adventurer, slowly followed it through the sky. A rumour began to spread about that the aeronaut himself had fallen from his balloon. This was shortly after confirmed by the discovery of his body almost buried under the sand in one of the fosses (ditches) of the ramparts that surrounded the town. It was supposed that the oscillations communicated to the balloon in the act of delivering the parachute had thrown him off his balance. Some persons pretended at the time to have heard him declare the event before-hand, and from thence argue that the affair was not unpremeditated.





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