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Kubicek AV-2
The Kubicek AV2 first flew on 26 May 1999 and attended the Kosice Balloon Meet the following month. It carried artwork for a Slovakian company, Reprox Kosice, which produces heat insulating materials.
Volume: 3,500 m3
Length: 38 m
Diameter: 14.2 m
Empty weight (envelope, gondola): 440 kg
MTOW: 870 kg
Weight of fuel cylinders: 190 kg
Number of cylinders: 3
Max weight of crew and load: 240 kg
Fuel tank: 30 lt
Max forward speed: 20 kph
Endurance: 60 - 120 min
Max envelope temperature: 120°C
Max envelope pressure: 150 Pa
Max wind speed: 3 m/s
Gondola length: 3 m
Gondola width: 1.7 m
Gondola height: 1.85 m
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