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 Zeppelin LZ-8 Ersatz Deutschland / Type E
Excursion flights of several hours’ duration at 100 Marks per head proved popular to Germans and foreigners alike over the four years of operation.
The first airship destined for service was the LZ-7 Deutschland which, following a successful deliver flight, was wrecked. A replacement for the LZ-7 Deutschland, the 1910 LZ-8, or the Ersatz Deutschland, was put in hand.
Capacity: 681,600 cu.ft
Length: 485 ft
Width: 45 ft
Height: 54 ft
Gross lift: 19.5 ton
Useful lift: 6 tons
Engines: 3 x Daimler 4 cyl, 120 hp
Max speed: 37 mph
Range ay cruise: 950 miles
Ceiling: 2000 ft
Crew: 8
Passengers: 20




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