Russian Empire airship B-7 Chelyuskinets
After the V-6 the Soviet Union built the Soviet B-7 airship, named "Chelyuskinets".
The first flight was performed in 1934.
In 1935 was built a second, same airship, designated B-7 bis, after its predecessor USSR-V7 burnt in a fire.
USSR-V7bis Chelyuskinetswater landing in the Leningrad Region
On the way from Petrozavodsk to Gatchina, it ran out of fuel when it was 100 m from the base so it had to waterland. However, the airship caught on powerlines and a fire broke out. Those who jumped out into the water stayed alive. The burning airship fell on a kennel killing over 100 shepherds. The commander of the airship was sentenced to two years in prison but was later released.
Envelope volume: 9,500 cu.m