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Russian Empire airship B-2 USSR Smolny
By May 1932, the Russian Empire had built three airship — the USSR B-1, B-2 USSR "Smolny" and the Soviet B-3 "Red Star", which in the main have been set up to implement educational and propaganda operations. The B-1 envelope was 2200 cubic meters and B-2 5000 cubic meters. The airships had different engines. The V-2 had two 230 hp engines and could carry 8 passengers. The envelope of all 3 airships was made of three-layer rubberized material and had an inner wall that divided the volume of the two equal parts. This partition to reduced transfusion of gas along the envelope for trim of the craft.



These three airships performed a series of successful flights on the routes of Leningrad — Moscow — Leningrad, Moscow — Kharkov, etc. The three airship were joined by USSR-4.
Senior flight mechanic in Smolny before another flight.


On September 6, 1935 USSR-2 Smolny was at the Stalino (Donbass) airport, when wind pulled out of the ground all 60 anchors that held it. Have seized on one of the cables commander of dirigible NS Gudovantsev managed at an altitude of 120 meters to get to the gondola, in which at that time were 4 crew members and 11 tourists. At an altitude of 800 meters the engines were running. After that, having waited for the adverse weather conditions to decrease, the airship landed safely after 5 hours and 45 minutes. For this heroic act Gudovantsev was awarded the Order of the Red Star.
The airship crashed in the Novgorod Region in 1933 when its engines failed.
The airship was disassembled in 1939.




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