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Lebaudy Patrie / Krechet / Gerfalcon
In February 1907, with the Chief Military Engineering Directorate, was created a commission under the chairmanship of N.L. Kirpicheva, which received the task to run the necessary experiments and to build a large dirigible. To the works were drawn the researchers: N.E. Zhukovsky, A.N. Krylov, V.V. Kuznetsov, E.S. Fedorov, K.A. Antonov, D.M. Smirnov, and others. The project they developed was under the direct management of N.I. Utesheva. Construction was somewhat drawn out, and only on July 30, 1910, the airship “Krechet” performed its first flight. It was the largest airship at the time.
The semi-rigid Lebaudy Patrie was used for training by the Russian Empire as the Krechet (Gerfalcon).
Engines: 2 x 84 h.p
Volume: 6000 cu.m
Length: 70 m
Diameter: 11,4 m

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