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Russian Empire airship Moscow chemist rezinschik / MHR
In the autumn of 1924 Vozduhsektsiyu Osoaviahima USSR completed the construction of another Myagenko airship named "Moscow chemist rezinschik" (MHR) under N. Fomin. It was made by voluntary contributions of chemical industry workers in and around Moscow.
The first flight of the airship was made On June 16, 1925, under the control of VL Nizhevskogo, in the air for 2 hours 5 minutes.
Flying from Leningrad to Moscow, it was mistakingly shot down by guards of a military factory in Tver.
Moskovsky Khimik-rezinschik airship, Gatchina, the Leningrad Region, 1928.
After its reconstruction, it had another crash and was disassembled.
This airship was operated until 1928, upgraded a couple of times and rebuilt. In total "Moscow chemist rezinschik" made 21 flights totaling 43 hours and 29 minutes.
Engine: 77 kW
Envelope volume: 2,458 cu.m
Length: 45.4 m
Width: 10.3 m
Maximum speed: 62 km / h
Payload: 900 kg



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