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Baldwin No.6 City of Portland / Gelatine / No.7
City of Portland
Works No: 6 ‘City of Portland’ was an exhibition airship designed, built, and owned by T.S.Baldwin.
No.7 was a Baldwin-6 type touring airship of Capt. Hildebrandt, Berlin.
Designed and built by Capt. T.S.Baldwin at the Lewis & Clark Exposition sire aerodrome, ‘City of Portland’ was flown from 19 August until 2 September 1905 by the brothers Lincoln and Hillery Beachey. On 2 September the City of Portland was scheduled to race airship Gelatine, but because of strong winds its pilot, George Tomlinson, withdrew. Lincoln Beachey took off nether the less and was quickly swept across the river into Albina District. There he got caught up in a tree and tore a 10 ft hole in the side of the gasbag.
As a consequence of the catastrophic damage done to the envelope of City of Portland, coupled with the wear and tear from repeated flight to Gelatine’s gondola, the dirigibles were amalgamated; with the gasbag from the Gelatine being fitted onto the gondola of the City of Portland. This remodelled airship continued to carry the Gelatine name and flew for the duration of the fair.
Works No: 6
Name: Baldwin-6
Year: 1908
Length: 29.1 m
Beam: 5.8 m
Volume: 580 cu.m
Engine: Curtiss, 20 hp
Speed: 25 kph
Works No: 7
Name: H.1
Year: 1908
Length: 29.1 m
Beam: 5.8 m
Volume: 580 cu.m
Engine: 20 hp
Speed: 28 kph
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