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Parseval PL-1
At the instigation of the Kaiser a committee was formed, the Moorluftschiff-Studien-Geselechaft, to investigate the work of promising experimental airship proposals. One of the designs selected by thic committee as being worthy of further encouragement was that of Major August von Parseval. His first ship, built during 1906, was of 88,000 cu.ft capacity, powered by two 50 hp Mercdes motors and of an advanced aerodynamic form that contributed to its relatively high speed.
Control in the vertical plane was effected by the provision of two internal balloonets forward and aft, which Aallowed the nose to be depressed or elevated by filling or emptying one or the other. Simple control surfaces were also fitted to the tail section of the envelope, while and automatically compensating suspension system working on rollers allowed the car to movee forwards or backwards whilst maintaining a horizontal axs irrespective of the attitude of the envelope.
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