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Società Leonardo da Vinci Forlanini F.1 / Leonardo da Vinci



Construction started in 1900 collaboration with Cesare del Fabbro. Its first flight was 2 July 1909. Like all the Forlanini airships, except the Omnia Dir, the empennage comprised groups of multiple planes at the poop and at the tail.
A mishap befell the Forlanini dirigible during a trial trip from its shed at Crescenzago to Parie in 1910. When about 3 km from Parie one of the motors stopped, and Signor Forlanini decided to land in order to effect repairs. This was accomplished satisfactorily, but when starting again the balloon was driven against a tree and a hole torn in the envelope. This allowed the gas to escape, and although the vessel rose to a fair height, it suddenly dropped to earth again, but fortunately the three occupants of the car escaped without injury.
Forlanini F.1 “Leonardo da Vinci”


The Leonardo da Vinci completed a total of 38 flights, covering a total distance of 850 km. The longest flight duration was 90 minutes.
Propulsion: One Antoinette steam engine, 40 hp
Volume: 3,265 cu.m / 132,000 cu.ft
Length: 40 m
Maximum speed: 52 km/h
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